The Tortilla Curtain Summary and More Contents to Know

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the tortilla curtain

The Tortilla Curtain summary will explain about plot and content that you should know about this book. Before going further, few things are important to understand. It is a novel written by American author, T.C. Boyle. He published The Tortilla Curtain in 1995. Besides this book, he also has several written works, such as short stories, novels, and other books. In 1997, this novel received award from French Prix Medicis Etanger as the best foreign novel.

The plot summary involves several characters from various backgrounds and settings. In general, this book explored vast topics like illegal immigration, life problem, middle class family issue, environmental destruction, and xenophobia. It started with two immigrants from Mexico: Candido Rincon and his wife. They entered United States illegally through the border without proper paper. They have a dream to get good life, big house, and daily job. Unfortunately, they could not afford to live in proper area. Therefore, they lived under the bridge nearby Malibu.

On the other side, the Tortilla Curtain summary also puts another couple moves to Topanga Canyon: Delaney Mossbacher and his wife, Kyra. Both come from the middle class family since they have enough money to live in gated community. Kyra is the real estate agent and Delaney helps to support the house, including daily day-to-day activity. Both live in peaceful situation, but it changes after Delaney hits Candido on road. They agree not to report police due to few reasons. Delaney does not want his driving record turns bad. On the other side, Candido is illegal immigrant that will get more trouble than solution if polices participate in that situation.

Well, The Tortilla Curtain plots start when the situation is calm at first because Delaney gives money to Candido. Unfortunately, that’s not what it seems because Candido will face more distress situations. He cannot work at normal shift and it forces to propone his work life. His wife is pregnant and needs more money to support. He tries hard to look for job and earn money.

Delaney’s family also has different problem, though related to where he lives. His dog is killed by wild coyote. This environment issue starts to escalate when the community plans to put the wall for security purpose. More immigrants come to U.S that brings more troubles.


This book explains various aspects in human life that commonly happens in U.S., especially related to illegal immigrants. You can learn many things and understand each character's explanation. That’s all you can get from the Tortilla Curtain summary.