Cat Litter Pellets and Things to Consider Before Buying

Submitted by Pen_ning on Mon, 07/22/2019 - 21:09
Cat Litter Pellets

Cat owners will spend much cost on cat litter pellets. That’s reality they need to face because most of cost will spend on litter pellets and foods. Bad choice will make the cat uncomfortable, and it affects too many things. That’s why choosing the right litter pellet becomes a little bit tricky. As you know, the cat might not like them even though you force it.

  1. Odor control and cleaning

First thing to put at utmost consideration is odor. Littering is often in two common places: outdoor and indoor. If the cats do in outdoor area, there is no issue regarding odor. Natural environment will handle and owner only takes minor work. On contrary, litter pellets are developed for littering at indoor area. This means you will have taking a risk for odor. Bad smell affects the cats owner, and area for littering itself.

Owner needs to handle cleaning properly. Two ways for cleaning are scooping and flush. Each has pros and cons depending on the type of material you have on litter box. Flushed litter is like toilet that's specifically for cat. However, many cats have issue, and owners don’t have enough patient to train. As alternative, scooping seems to be the most reliable one and the easiest way at all.

  1. Natural and artificial cat litter

Next thing about cat litter pellets is material. You may pick natural or artificial ones at store. For natural litter, you can prepare on your own as long as the material is available. However, the result is unpredictable, especially for sensitive cat. The examples of natural litters are corn, wheat, grass, pine, dried leaves, and wooden.

Today, littering is not problem due to artificial product. Manufacturers create special pellets that are capable to keep the odor in check, protect from bacteria, and easy to clean. Some products combine natural and artificial material in order to generate better littering activity for cat.

  1. Cost and maintenance

How much is the best pellet cat litter? The cost depends on several aspects, such as material, reliability, amount of pellets, and how often you need to clean. You need to spend extra money for the better litter pellets. Try to avoid cheap one due to lack of reliability. Furthermore, you cannot take any risk that bad litter destroys cat health.


In nature, cats can take care their own way. However, becoming pet brings them to new behavior. That’s why owner must prepare litter box and the right cat litter pellets to support their thing.