Best Kitty Litter Box for Odor Control

Submitted by Pen_ning on Fri, 07/26/2019 - 15:55
kitty litter box

If you have cats at home, kitty litter box is obviously the most necessary thing to have. Cat litter box is useful stuff to keep the cats throw away their feces in the right place. Well, actually finding the right box is a little bit tricky without knowing few things. Let's check several things about this item.

  1. Odor control

The utmost consideration is about odor control. You do not want the box spreads the stinking smell in your house, right? Usually, the odor from feces depends on the foods that cats eat. However, they still have strong odor if you do not handle this issue immediately. Some boxes use special cover to prevent odor released freely. It is usually strong carbon without lid. You can control odor from two methods. Firstly, the litter box has this feature. Another one is you can rely on litter pellets to disguise the odor, click here for more information about odor control with the cat litter.

  1. Design and litter pellets

Next thing on kitty litter box is related to design. At store, the litter box has various designs from simple to complex style. You can have simple box with pellets area. This is common for owners who only use pet indoor occasionally. If you often keep the pets at home and let them roam freely, it is time to pick the right litter box with additional features.

Another thing to consider is pellets. Combination between litter box and pellets is the reason why cats behave well. Pellets are available based on composition. You may pick natural compounds that are very safe for cats. As alternative, several manufacturers produce pellets that mix the artificial and natural composition. The products are capable to control odor. It is also comfortable for cat while excreting their thing.

  1. Self-cleaning box

New technology is applied for litter box. Cat owners should consider self-cleaning cat litter boxes. It looks like toilet with flushed mode. After the cats are done to manage their activity on litter box, cleaning mode is activated. Flushed box is more expensive than regular one.

  1. Location and training

If you have litter box, the cats still need training and know the box location. Even though the box is sophisticated and fancy, the most important part is your cats should know how to use and find it. Train them to use the litter box that will be used for the rest of their life. That’s why changing box becomes uncommon option.

After you know what to do, you can decide which product to pick. Keep budget in balance, unless you don’t hesitate to spend more on your cats. That’s what you should know about kitty litter box.