White-Green Bathroom Design : How To Deal With It?

Submitted by Pen_ning on Sat, 08/25/2018 - 07:11
White-Green Bathroom Design

If you are looking for a nice bathroom design, you cannot be luckier. One perfect idea which you should consider is a white-green bathroom design. As you may have known, green is one of the most eye-friendly color. Regarding to some color experts, green is one of the color which can bring up your mood. On the other, you do not have to paint everything green. Just make sure that you pick the right furniture or parts of the bathroom that you can paint green. Once you do, you will get yourself a nice bathroom for your family.

One perfect example of the white-green bathroom design is what you see through these pictures taken by Eric Laignel. This bathroom belongs to a private house in Ney York City. The bathroom and the rest of the house are creatively and beautifully designed by Ghislaine Viñas. As what has been mentioned before, the key is knowing what to paint green and white. If you happen to have a relatively small bathroom space like the house in these pictures, you can make white the dominant color. This is because white can make the bathroom look visually bigger than it actually has.

Besides, white is also good for reflecting the light. This way, your bathroom will be having a nice lighting. The washbasin feet, for instance, is very simple but important aspect which you can pick for the green one. You can also pick some bathroom ornaments, such as tissue holders which has a green color. Besides, you can also pick green tiles to be applied for the wall above the washbasin. This way, you can make the green a nice distinctive feature without having to make it too dominant. As a final touch, you can install two bathroom lamps above the washbasin to give your white-green bathroom design a good lighting.